“Flex” by SpazzoutShorty and KT Kimani was my first official music video shoot. I’ve shot videos here and there, but never on anything close to a pro-am or professional scale. Most of my previous videos were just random videos with a few models that I previous shot for photo shoots.

We shot this video on location in the West Loop area of Chicago. The video developed sort of spur of the moment, but I already a location with this sort of organic, abstract post and lintel structure. This thing was definitely art. Chicago it going pretty crazy of art structures. They are placing them all around the city. It looked as though it was platinum with a rows of LED light enclosed within the structure. I knew it would be awesome on film, so we shoot part of the first scenes at this structure in a West Loop park, in downtown Chicago. We shot the second location on a pretty isolated downtown street. Lol, luck us right. All and all, I think everything came together pretty well.

We shot everything on a Canon 60d with a Rokinon Cine Lens Kit.